AMUOC iPhone 7 Plus Case,Soft Bumper Cover with Crystal Clear Back Panel Protective Case



  • Description

    AMUOC iPhone 7 Plus Case

    • Specially designed for iPhone 7 Plus (2016).
    • Slim, sleek clear case with transparent back plus anti-slip technology for easy grip.
    • Anti-Scratch Design: The lips in the front and the back board of the case protect the screen and the back camera from direct contact to the table surface.
    • Constructed with flexible and high quality TPU to help your device avoid damage from scratch, shock, and drop.
    • Top Feeling:resistant polycarbonate UV coating–no watermarks, scratches, or fingerprints.easily to remove,without damaging or scratching the phone body.

    You’re happy with your shiny new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, right? Of course you are! It’s the latest, and definitely greatest iPhone that Apple has made yet. Unless you only own headphones with a 3.5mm jack. Then it’s maybe not so good. Anyway, the beautifully sleek phone is in your hand, so what’s next?

    Beyond all the usual features like Touch ID, the new camera, and yes, plugging in headphones using the Lightning port, there are lots of little iPhone 7 tips and tricks that the everyday iPhone owner may not know. If you want to take complete control over your iPhone, we’ve got the best ones you need to know right here.

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    1. Dan
      5 out of 5

      Highly recommend this case. It’s durable, sleek and looks great. The back of the case is clear, showing off the matte black finish of my 7 plus while the buttons align for a perfect fit. The rubber that encases the sides makes this otherwise slippery phone much easier to hold.

    2. Nhan Tran
      5 out of 5

      Cute and awesome case! Love this case. It is a really good bumper case that I recommend for clumsy people like me who tend to drop their phone a lot!

    3. Walter M Svirsky
      5 out of 5

      Completely in love with this case. Amazing protection and style. Will be ordering more.I have the iPhone 7 plus and I was scared of dropping my phone and breaking it. So I bought this case instead and it works just as great. It covers all of the right parts of the phone.

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